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Our Story

Founded in 1984, the North America Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA) is a professional organization comprised of Taiwanese American physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals. It now consists of 17 regional chapters and over 1,400 members across the United States. NATMA's mission is to represent medical, dental, and other health professionals of Taiwanese descent, and to promote educational and cultural exchange among its members and their communities.

The goal of NATMA foundation is to promote science and art of medicine, promote international medical and cultural exchanges, and encourage its members in participation of international medical missions.

During the period, we established:

1.Dr. C. Y. Lee Young Physician Lectureship李鎮源青年醫師講座。

2.I-Yang Lin M.D. Memorial Lectureship林一洋紀念講座。

3.International Medical Mission義診。

4.Taiwan for WHO fund台灣加入世衛基金。

5.Medical Services in Taiwan。

6.Hawaii Hepatitis Foundation 肝炎治療基金。

7.Chuan Lyu Fund醫學人文藝術川流基金。


Our Vision

Mission Statement
Taiwanese Medical and Dental Doctors of North America recognizing the benefits arising from mutual endeavors, declare our common objectives to:

secure a general condition conductive to the achievement of the profession as a healer of the sick and needy of all races.
promote international and inter cultural liaisons at the level of local, state or national medical or dental associations.
study and help abolish discriminatory and biased practices and laws aimed at the foreign medical and dental graduates wherever they may exist.
assist in further medical and dental education to its members.
establish liaison with medical and dental and other related scientific organizations in Taiwan.

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