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Public Relations Committee

We not only coordinate events within NATMA, but also help facilitate the exchange of information and resources between the healthcare sector in the U.S. and those in Taiwan and other countries visited by our medical mission teams. Our goal is to create positive impacts in communities around the world through our shared resources and expertise.

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Our Responsibilities

We are the bridge that enables all NATMA's activities.


We coordinate with Taiwan and the Taiwan Embassy and Consulate in Switzerland to show our unwavering support for Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) during the World Health Assembly (WHA) rally.

Taiwan Relations

We maintain regular communication with various healthcare groups, both governmental and non-governmental, in Taiwan to exchange healthcare knowledge and collaborate on our international medical mission trips. We strive to ensure that our slogans of 'Taiwan Can Help' and 'NATMA Can Help' accurately represent our mission and values.

Guest Speakers

We invite speakers from top medical, healthcare, and research fields to provide webinars and seminars for our members. As a group, we aim to excel in our respective professional fields.

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